That’s right! Nate mentioned a Pokémon Black and White release party here on ZI, and now it’s time to begin! And who better to lead the action other than one of ZI’s biggest PokéNerds: ME. For those that don’t know me, my alias is Ewh1995 on the ZI forums, and I’m one of the Elite Four members in the ZI Pokémon League, as well as being a general PokéNerd on the forums.

Over the next few days, we’ve got all kinds of previews, features, articles, news, music, and more for you guys to enjoy while waiting on your very own copy of Black or White! We’ll even have a very special announcement for all you competitive Pokémon battlers out there!

What’s that, you noticed the music on top? That’s a new remix of the Pokémon opening theme that was recently been released as part of an album entitled Pokémon: The Missingno Tracks by a game music remix site known as OverClocked ReMix, which hosts fan released music remixes.. The entire album is currently available for FREE download from their website, so you can listen where ever you go!

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