Hey guys, small update today. Don’t really have much to say, but I found some typos on various pages… Mmm, yeah, we’re kinda done announcing the alliance sites, so the uh, TA-DA! We’re the tenth site!… Well, we had one… but it died… Anyway, we’ll continue to make snazzy updates talking about stuff happening at all the other sites.

In other news, one of the moderators at our forums has joined the site’s official staff, named Dabombster. He’ll be handling the Wind Waker section, which is also why the Site Projects changed on the right. He’ll be giving a formal introduction at a later date. Welcome aboard!

Oh yeah, and I don’t know if any of you noticed, but uh, we changed layouts. Ya know, just a small thing to note…

So, in having the Zelda Dungeon Alliance, a lot of the miscellaneous sections we had on our site have become obsolete because our alliance sites handle these various things so much better. By pointing to these veteran sites for their strengths, we can better focus on our own: Zelda walkthroughs and guides. This brings us to the layout.

The game buttons on the left now open up drop down boxes when you place your mouse over them, showing all of the sub-sections within. This allows users to quickly surf all of our guides from any page, without having to go through other pages to get there. The game index pages themselves have also been reduced and refined to make them easier to navigate, just place your mouse over the section you want a description of and it pops up below.

The rest of the content, such as everything site related and all of our media are under their respected sections in the banner above. Zelda Dungeon takes you to site related pages, media to pictures, music, comics, and finally forums, which is self explanatory.

On our home page (updates), all of our non-alliance Affiliates and links are displayed, but on every other page, they are only shown at the bottom of the site. This allows us to use the expanded width of our content area to make better guides and walkthroughs. We’ll be revealing some of the exciting stuff we have hidden up our sleeves in the near future.

And that’s it! The site is more simple, as well as more dynamic than ever before. Welcome to Zelda Dungeon, “let us take you through the dungeons!”

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