Today, I stumbled across what may be the best cover of a Zelda II song that I have ever heard. The strange thing? It’s only on one instrument.

Usually, the most successful Zelda covers consist of one or more musicians recording themselves playing different instruments. This special 12 string acoustic cover of Zelda II‘s Battle Theme only uses one guitar, and it’s just as amazing as any other cover that uses multiple instruments. It makes me wish I could play the guitar!

This cover comes from a YouTuber by the name of Jonas Lefvert, who claims, “Guitarist is a lifestyle.” Apart from another Zelda cover he performed, The Legend of Zelda NES Title Theme, Lefvert has uploaded many video game and movie related covers on his channel, both of the retro and modern variety. You can check out those videos here.

Do you think this cover stands out over other Zelda covers that have surfaced on the Net over the years? Give us your thoughts in the comments below, and tell us if you have ever attempted to perform a Zelda cover yourself!

Source: rongs1234

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