There is no video game music I enjoy more than The Legend of Zelda‘s. It’s great to see fans go above and beyond to put their own twists on these beloved songs. Tom Winter is no newbie when it comes to acoustically arranging Zelda tunes. He’s previously recreated Zelda songs such as: Gerudo Valley, Clock Town, and Kokiri Forest, just to name a few! In his latest video he’s taken the short but sweet Great Fairy Fountain theme and soothed my head with soft guitar sweeps and harmonies.

Each of Tom’s delicately finger picked guitar parts come together to form a peaceful arrangement of sounds. The highs and lows really compliment each other to give this song more dimension than its original iteration. It’s always exciting to have a song bring back such nostalgic moments from Zelda games, and this song that’s reminiscent of discovering a new fountain within the vast world of Hyrule is no exception. My only complaint is that this song is over so quickly as I found myself continuously listening to it on repeat.

Tom has also recently released his debut EP titled, “VGM Acoustic Collections 1.” If you enjoyed Tom’s rendition, make sure to check out his Youtube Channel where you can watch his other videos and keep up to date on his future works!

Do you have a favorite tune you’d love for him to cover? Ballad of the Wind Fish? Saria’s Song? Song of Healing? Let us know in the comments below!

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