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This being a Legend of Zelda site, rarely do we have a chance to talk about anything sports related—the closest we’ve ever really come was a story about a no-name WWE wrestler rocking a Triforce on his boot. Much to our happiness, people like Matthew T. Sussman of Blogcritics exist, able to craftily tie Zelda into a Super Bowl blog post through the use of the series’ famous form of currency, rupees. Good enough for us.

Clearly a man with a good head on his shoulders, he’s got Manning taking home his second career Super Bowl trophy, calling the MVP’s squad the better overall team. Personally, I’m in full agreement. Despite injuries to Dwight Freeney and Adam Vinatieri, I still have the Colts over the Aint’s by a touchdown, covering just about every legit spread out there. Our owner/webmaster Nate, naturally, disagrees, predicting a score of Saints 45, Colts 34. In any case, we’re in for a great game. Be sure to tune in to CBS this Sunday, February 7th at 6:25pm.

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