In addition to awesome art and the secrets of the official Zelda timeline, the Zelda art book, Hyrule Historia, also included translation keys for the many versions of Hylian featured throughout the series.

The Hylian text for previously released Zelda titles were decoded and made into fonts long ago, but now we have a proper key for the recently released Skyward Sword, which means an Anicent Hylian font (translated from the Japanese key) is now available to download.

You can download the font via Sarinilli’s DeviantArt, or by clicking here.

We also have scans of each individual translation key, as featured in Hyrule Historia. You’ll notice that a key for the Gerudo language is also included, but I have yet to hear of a font for that one.






Source: History of Hyrule, Sarinilli

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