The Totally Rad ShowThe Totally Rad Show has given a review of the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. For those of you who don’t know what this is, The Totally Rad Show is a daily video podcast that reviews and comments on pop-culture. They cover everything from movies and video games to tv shows and comic books. One of their main hosts is gone, but they have a guest, Billy Berghammer, to fill in his place. They give their own personal stories on what issues they had with the game, as well as the nostalgic feeling while playing. Although it isn’t anything new to us, and has been out for almost a month now, it’s still fun to see what popular reviewers have to say about it.

I do hope they realize they can change the targeting settings to a one click option from the save menu. I personally hate holding it down to target my enemies, so I turned that sucker on the moment I started playing.

Also, although they didn’t necessarily add anything to the Master Quest, the flipped world and double damage did give it a challenging twist. I actually found myself needing to stun enemies as I traveled Hyrule, and often had to sit there staring at my screen trying to flip the map in my brain to remember how to solve certain rooms. I might not be Billy, but I am no stranger to this game or its Master Quest.

Besides that, I enjoyed this episode of The Totally Rad Show. I can’t imagine Link in a pair of sunglasses at the beach going “Duuuuude!”, but I can personally say that Legend of Zelda is totally rad.

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