The Legend of Neil Folks, The Legend of Neil is in some serous network trouble. Season 3 apparently may not be happening, as network support is dwindling. However, it is not too late to salvage the series for another season. It comes down to us. Here is the plea, directly from the Legend of Neil official website:

Season 2 was a tremendous success thanks to our amazing fans but we need your help to ensure a Season 3. Please take a few minutes and watch (and rewatch) the season 2 finale here, and RATE and COMMENT. Show the network that our viewers are engaged and want more! If you’re looking for additional ways to help us, the best thing you can do is introduce the show to all your friends, spread the word, facebook and twitter links to the show. Every little bit helps!

As you all know, The Legend of Neil has been a real passion project for me and it’s been so inspiring to see how many of you have enjoyed the show to such a great extent. I try to read every comment and the fact that they’re overwhelmingly supportive (mixed with the occasional “you suck hard” comment) inspires me to do more. Here’s to hoping we get a Season 3.

Kill Link!


Seriously folks, I beg that you don’t let this series fade away.

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