Zelda TimeilneOver the years, Zelda theorists alike have attempted to piece together the Legend of Zelda timeline by pulling from an assortment of various sources including the actual games, the game manuals, translations of the Japanese versions of the text, and of course, quotes made by the developer’s of the Zelda games. Often times there are so many developer’s quotes that seemingly contradict one another, and it can be so hard to keep track of them all. Well, here at Zelda Dungeon, we’re trying make things simple for all the enthusiastic Zelda Theorists, as we have created a Developer Timeline Quotes page, highlighting most of the significant quotes made by the game developers in regards to the storyline and timeline.

Each quote listed showcases the main topic it discusses, the actual quote, when it was said, where it was said, a link to the source where you can get the full context of the quote, and a summary and analysis of the meaning of each quote. It really is a comprehensive listing and I surely hope Zelda Theorists out there find it to be quite useful. If you are brand new to the Zelda Theorizing world, such material might seem rather meaningless to you. However, if you do have interest in learning more about the theory world of Zelda, be sure to check out our Zelda Theory Forum over at our message boards.

Now, for those of you that are theorists, I could really use your help with this page. While I do think it has plenty of information as it stands right now, I’m certain there are developer quotes out there that I don’t have listed. If there is something that seems important that I’m missing, please let me know and I’ll surely add it to the list. Furthermore, if for a particular quote, I mis-interpreted a quote, or missed something when providing the summary and analysis, please let me know so I can make adjustments as needed.

Other than that, I’d really like to know your opinion on such a page. If you are a Zelda theorist, do you find this page to be helpful? Is there something that can be done better with it? Do you think we should add more of these resource type pages? If you aren’t concerned with Zelda theorizing, did you still find a page like this to be somewhat fun to look through? Let us know by posting in the comments below.

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