Legend of Zelda rubber duckies

zii Link DuckThe website, Only Duck has been making custom made rubber duckies for a little over four years now. The creators have transformed many rubber ducks, including Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who (or Ducktor Who), The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and much more! So what does this have to do with The Legend of Zelda? Read more to find out!

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Yes, you read right, Legend of Zelda rubber duckies. The Link duck is absolutely adorable and well made. There is a normal sized Link duck, and a keychain sized Link duck- both adorable. While for only right now there is a Link duck, maybe in the further there will be more Zelda themed duckies, which I hope is the case because these little creations bring joy and warmth to everyone!.

It’s worth mentioning that Only Ducks has made custom duckies of other famous video game characters as well. They made Mario, Luigi, Bowser, even Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy. They all look fabulous, and I look forward to seeing what other characters will be transformed into a little yellow creature of rubber.

zii Link Duck

So Zelda fans, what do you think? Do you find the Link duck as adorable as I do? Tell me your thoughts in the comments section below!

Source: Only Duck

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