We’re a little late today, but better late than never I say! With SGDQ a-go, and Taylor and I’s time running out on what will surely be an embarrassing speedrun at the Zelda Dungeon Marathon, we figured what better week to do a show all about Zelda Speedruning! Of course, the only two people more unqualified to touch on this subject may be Bert and Ernie (debatable), so we brought in Euan Crombie, host of Zelda Dungeon’s speedrunning series Zelda Runners, to bring us up to speed (get it?).

The scene, the runners, the records, the tactics, and of course, the puns… we go through it all! Warning: Euan had some audio issues, so there are some definite audio spikes, so if you’re wearing headphones, be aware!

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