There’s no better time than the end of summer to spend a lazy afternoon doing arts and crafts, especially if that craft is a rustic, aesthetic recreation of Zelda iconography. Youtube’s GandaKris recently uploaded a NerdyDIY video showcasing how to make a pinboard wall decoration in the shape of a Triforce using wire nails, a woodboard, and yarn. It’s a pretty simple design so whether you’re looking to get one last creative project in before school starts or just want some classy new wall art for your place, this tutorial has just what you need.

Here’s what you’ll need for this DIY (and links for where to buy each item):

Like GandaKris shows in the video, the first step is to print out a Triforce that is the desired size and place evenly spaced dots around the shape on the tracing paper (a gridded transparent paper will help with this, but is not required). Tape the tracing paper into position on the wood board and hammer the wire nails into the wood under each dot, then remove the paper. Make sure the wood is thick enough that the nails don’t go straight through it, and wire nails work best because their flat heads keep the yarn from slipping off when it’s wrapped around later. PSA: be careful hammering in the nails, or if you’re a minor, ask an adult to help.

Now it’s time to start wrapping the yarn around the nails! Start by tying a knot loop around one of the nails then work your way wrapping around the outside nails before mapping out the inner sections of the shape. Make sure to wrap around the outline multiple times so that the shape is pronounced. Map out the insides however you’d like to get the look you want, and use any yarn you’d like (GandaKris used a light beige one with gold beads in it to add some shine).

GandaKris is a Nintendo Brand Ambassador so this was one of many videos in her NerdyDIY series — check out more of those here. She also has a slew of Zelda-related projects from crafts, to custom amiibos, to jewelry.

What do you think of this pinboard Triforce? Will you try to make one yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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