Grab your cooking pots and lids because, in this awesome new video, YouTube creator Pwnapplez shows us how to make the Rock Sirloin dish from Majora’s Mask. Rock Sirloin is a Goron delicacy that is said to have come from Dodongo’s Cavern; and in Majora’s Mask, Darmani III was known for loving the rough and rocky dish. The Goron themselves state that he was unable to die unless he had eaten 1000 Rock Sirloins.

In this new edition of Cucco’s Kitchen, we learn how to cook the game-inspired dish. Pwnapplez does a wonderful job walking us through the ingredients needed and how to prepare the meal. We’re walked through the process of preparing and cooking the meat in a detailed way that even novice cooks would be able to follow. The video does move a bit fast, but the ingredients and detailed instructions are listed in the description so you don’t have to keep rewinding the video.

The cook time for this roast is a bit lengthy, but from the video, it looks like the break-away salty crust is worth the wait. Likewise, the meat for the dish is on the more-expensive end, but we’re shown that the cost will be worth it. The meat on the inside is seeping with juices and one can only imagine how good it tastes! I think I’ll have to try this recipe for myself.

Pwnapplez is the mastermind behind The Legend’s Cookbook, a cookbook full of dishes inspired by the Zelda series. The Legend’s Cookbook launched a successful Kickstarter last year, and backers are set to receive copies of the book this March. You can follow the book’s official Twitter account here for information on when and where non-backers can order it as well.

What do you think of this Rock Sirloin recipe? Are you ready to eat like a Goron and try it? Did you kickstart The Legend’s Cookbook? Sound off in the comments below.

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