A couple days ago Nintendo updated the Skyward Sword website and revealed two brand new locations of the map, Lake Floria and Ancient Cistern. We learned about a new water race known as the Parella and a look at the dungeon. We learned how swimming would play out in the game, what the item of the dungeon is, a glimpse of the boss battle and a lot more. All this is great except that most of us cant read or speak Japanese and couldn’t understand any of the words or text in the videos, but thanks to a guy named Tom and the guys at GoNintendo we now have a nice translation of the videos and a better understanding whats happening in them.

So if your wanting to know what you missed out on by not being bilingual be sure to watch the two translated videos after the jump!

I find it interesting that he says the Parella tribe is one of the water dwellers. Does this confirm the appearance of the Zora or even another aquatic race who we have yet to hear about and why do the Parella not appear in any other Zelda game? Skyward Sword will definitely answer a lot of mysteries and more than likely creat even more. We also learn the six armed statue is the Ancient Cistern gaurdian, Dha-lluohma, but what did you find most appealing in these translations? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and remember to check back for more updates!

Source: GoNintendo
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