As some of you may be aware, a certain MithosK has been hard at work at

a 3D rendition of Link’s Awakening for quite some time now. The project, which has also had a beta game (of all things, called Chicken Hunter) released, recently achieved the milestone of a completed overworld map.


So far, the game looks amazing. True to the original, the 3D models are textured with sprites taken from the original game itself. The effect is similar to that of Phantom Hourglass or Pokemon Diamond & Pearl, in that the retro style of the 2D games is retained, and yet allows the unique aspects of 3D to improve upon it.

The beta game, Chicken Hunter, is a simple minigame in which the player takes control of a flying sword whose aim it is to skewer as many unfortunate Cuccos as possible within a time limit. All in all, the game runs well, with only a few bugs and performance issues. While it is far from the Link’s Awakening 3D that one would hope for, it is a promising sign for the project. Though it was brief, I found myself somewhat impressed.

Another topic of note is the direction MithosK is taking with the game’s art style. The big question: 3D world with 2D characters, or 3D in its entirety? To help answer this, he’s set up a poll. So far, both options are almost exactly even, with the former only slightly ahead. The poll closes in two days, so be sure to vote. You can find the poll at the top of the site‘s navigation menu.

With this, MithosK begins his campaign for world dominance. It’s only a matter of time before the Zelda community turns into one giant, sticky bukkake mess.

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