ku-xlarge (1)With a new Zelda game out in the wild, it’s easy to predict that gamers will be spending a fair amount of time exploring the lands of Hyrule and Lorule in the coming weeks. Although many hardcore fans of the series will want to tackle the game themselves, some might not be opposed to a little guidance. For them, Kotaku has come out with some tips on how to get the most out of Nintendo’s latest Zelda adventure.

Hit the jump to read what tips and tricks Kotaku writer Mike Fahey has dished out. 

Most of Fahey’s tips don’t rest on specifics. He doesn’t tell you how to solve certain puzzles, or give away a boss’s weakness. Instead, he sets out to describe in broad strokes ways to enjoy the game further. His full article can be read here.


I agree with most of Fahey’s pointers, for the most part, and will take them into account when playing through A Link Between Worlds. I appreciate his suggestion to use headphones to better appreciate the game’s gorgeous soundtrack, and I can’t argue with his praise of its engrossing 3D effects. Taking your time and talking to everyone are also good tips that, if followed, will allow one to wholly explore  everything the gameworld has to offer. Farming Rupees to buy Ravio’s items instead of renting them is another suggestion worth considering. Part of me feels the threat of losing all your rented items adds much-needed weight to the prospect of dying, but I understand some might find it annoying.

What do you think of Fahey’s tips? Will you be following them in your own playthrough? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Kotaku

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