“Korok Forest” is slowly becoming one of my favorite tracks from Breath of the Wild. The light, whimsical tune is excellent on its own, but what’s really stuck out to me in recent months is how easily this song can be rearranged and reworked to work in other genres. Many talented musicians have already taken this great song to new places, such as in 8bit and synth remixes, just to name a few. Musician Carlos Eiene recently threw his talent toward “Korok Forest” with this classy jazz arrangement.

Carlos Eiene, also known as insaneintherainmusic on YouTube, and his pals recently released an epic jazz mashup of Breath of the Wild‘s “Korok Forest” and jazz standard “Cantaloupe Island” by Herbie Hancock. I’d say that any time a Zelda song is played in jazz style magic happens, but when one mixes in a tried-and-true jazz standard, there’s a reason to celebrate. This arrangement suits “Korok Forest” wonderfully, giving it a classy edge while maintaining its carefree tone.

Check out insaneintherainmusic on YouTube right here for more great jazz covers, including this cover of “Rito Village”.

What did you think of this arrangement? What other Breath of the Wild tunes would you want to hear get the jazz treatment? Let us know in the comments.

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