Anybody who’s ever wanted to obtain a Kokiri Sword without the need to dodge rolling boulders can now do so for the next four days!

Brian Rice, who launched a tremendously successful Kickstarter campaign in July to make Deku Shields, has launched a new Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of Kokiri Swords for backers. The campaign has already surpassed its modest $400 goal twice over, but is still open to anyone who wants a sword of their own for cosplay, decoration, or proving their worth to Mido.

While the blades of Rice’s Kokiri Swords are made of white pine rather than steel, the level of craftsmanship is nonetheless impressive. In a short email interview with Zelda Informer, Rice shared some extra details about the project.

“The process for creating this sword started with extensive playing of Ocarina of Time to get an idea of the proper size to make the sword. I decided on a size around 18 inches that seemed appropriate for a small child’s sword/larger dagger.”

“The idea for the sword came after I gave my cousin a shield over the summer and he begged me to create a sword. That led me to starting my many trials to find the perfect representation of what I believe the Kokiri Sword to look like in real life.”

Anybody interested in backing Rice’s Kickstarter campaign can do so here. What do you think of this Kickstarter campaign? Are you one of the 81 backers of Rice’s Deku Shield campaign with thoughts on his previous work? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: Kickstarter

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