Koji Kondo’s Favorite Theme

Hyrule-FieldSince the very beginning, Koji Kondo has been the man behind the many melodies that have in many ways helped define the Legend of Zelda as we know it. From the title screen themes, to a few notes that turn back time, or even the simple sound effects that ring in our ears. Kondo has composed piece after piece to accompany our adventures with the most fitting tunes. What about Kondo’s Adventures? What song do you think he finds most enjoyable through his quest in Hyrule? If the thumbnail wasn’t enough of a hint, Kondo’s favorite theme is Ocarina of Time’s “Overworld” theme. Hit the jump to find out why.


Thanks to an interview with Polygon, Kondo was also able to reveal a bit of background to the making of the “Overworld” theme and why he enjoys it in particular. Kondo states:

“That’s a tough question. Looking back, I think the version that we used in Ocarina of Time. …this is the overworld theme that we’re talking about here.”

“For Ocarina, we wanted something that didn’t play so often that players got tired of listening to it. So I broke it into 8-bar sections and there was some random phrasing that was implemented so that the melody would be changed up. Again, these are 8-bar sections that I created to all work together, but when combined, they change, and there’s some random stuff going on there. I really like the way that worked out.”

As the composer of many songs among other franchises, it’s a wonder how many other pieces were composed in a similar fashion. What do you think of Ocarina of Time’s “Overworld” theme? Agree with Kondo’s choice? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: Polygon (via Nintendo Everything)

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