The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is a game memorable for it’s dark themes, gameplay and the originality of the music composed by Koji Kondo. In an interview, recently conducted by GameSpot, Kondo was asked which scene he enjoyed creating the score for most in the game. He replied quite happily that the scene he enjoyed the most was, in fact, the argument in the Mayor’s office between the workers and guards. He continued to further explain the experience he had intended for the player. Here’s what Koji said:

GameSpot: Majora’s Mask is my personal favorite Zelda game. Are there any particular stories that you remember from the during the game’s development?

Koji Kondo: That’s always a tough one.

But when I saw the very first mask you see in Majora, I saw that and it really brought to mind for me, for whatever reason, a type of Chinese opera. The kind where the performers wear masks and the music is all percussive [makes the sound of a cymbal being struck rhythmically], and there’s a lot of cymbals and bells and what not. Those two linked up when I first saw Majora’s artwork, and I thought a Chinese-influenced theme would be the way to go.

Something else I remember is in the scene where the mayor is sitting and you have the two sides having a discussion over the top of him. He’s sitting in the middle of his office, and you have the people on the left talking about something, and then the people on the right, and there’s this discussion back and forth. I had a lot of fun making the music feel like that argument so that you’d have music pouring in from the left speaker and then music coming in from the right speaker. That back and forth was a lot of fun to create.”

He also mentioned that The Legend of Zelda was the game series he enjoyed composing music for the most. Especially with Majora’s Mask’s score, Koji’s music is largely respected amongst many Zelda fans and many others with great music appreciation.

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Source: GameSpot

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