The Kingdom Hearts series (also known around here as The Game That Must Not Be Named) has a love hate relationship around these parts. A lot of people think the series is brilliant and just as many think the entire series is a bunch of a rubbish. Personally, I think the main line of games are indeed entertaining, but you always need to keep in mind it’s more “Final Fantasy” than it is Disney. People have been wondering for a long time when the main series would continue to part three. According to Tetsuya Nomura, the 3DS game could very well be the third iteration of the main line in the series.

What I am finding overly intriguing about this small announcement is simply the sheer amount of third party support the 3DS is receiving. After the seemingly lack of support for the Wii and Nintendo DS, the 3DS is teeming with high quality third party support. If Nintendo plays it’s cards right with their next console, it could very well get the same support.

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