During my daily browsing of the official Nintendo of Japan website, I took a look at today’s news feed and found possibly the last thing I ever expected there: the announcement of the launch of the official Kid Icarus Uprising website. There’s not much there but a beautiful sky background and some nice teaser music, but you can also go back and view the old official trailers from E3 2010 and Nintendo World 2011.

There’s one more piece of info on the site, but I had to look to Japanese news gateway Andriasang for a translation. Turns out that Pit and Palutena are getting featured at the Tachineputa festival parade in Japan, to be held in August. Japanese players can send in their Miis in hopes of getting featured on the parade float. I wonder if this is part of their launch advertising for the game. If so, could we see Kid Icarus launch in Japan this August? Your guess is as good as mine.

Source: Nintendo Japan Press, translation courtesy of Andriasang

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