Kid Icarus

The remake of the classic Ocarina of Time 3D aside, Kid Icarus is by far the all round best looking upcoming 3DS game that we’ve seen so far. Granted there’s titles like Super Mario and Mario Kart to come, but Kid Icarus has been previewed by many around the world and looks great, as well as plays great – as I said after my hands on preview. Kid Icarus has got us excited here at Zelda Informer, be it because of the epic return of Pit after so long, or just how the game holds up on its own.

As we reported, the teaser site is now open and includes some fantastic music, which rumors going around say is either the title theme, or the menu theme. Check out below to listen to this five minute loop of this fantastic music, if Kid Icarus has you as excited as you should be.

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