Topping Zelda fans’ wish lists is the Hero of Time’s signature instrument: the ocarina. Various dealers have made ocarinas of differing sizes, playability and quality to fulfill this demand, but few have the dedication of Caro, a skilled sculptor and major Zelda fan with a new kickstarter to craft elegant ocarinas out of precious metals like silver, bronze, and copper in varying sizes. Some are small enough to wear as jewelry and others are full-size replicas – all are fully playable. As a skilled musician and craftswoman, Caro’s goal is to craft the most musically and aesthetically pleasing instruments she can.

If Caro’s name or work looks familiar, it’s because last year we wrote about her previous kickstarter to make realistic and playable ocarinas resembling the Fairy Ocarina and Ocarina of Time (and the campaign was ultimately successfully funded!). Her work is so skillful and inspiring that her last project was featured as a staff pick on the kickstarter website. This time around, some of the ocarinas she is crafting are so delicate and tiny (some as small as a ring you can wear on your finger) that their playability is an unexpected delight, but other larger models are also available. The metallic material grants these ocarinas an increased beauty, value and enhanced sound. Each ocarina comes with a free cord necklace, and gold and silver chain necklaces are available for additional cost. If ordinary shaped ocarinas aren’t your style, you might want to try one of Cado’s epic dragon sculpture ocarinas on for size!

If you want to donate to the kickstarter, time is of the essence: only 18 days remain for Caro’s campaign. You can make a donation of any amount, but the minimum for a reward is $20 USD, for which you’ll receive a copper 1½ inch four holes sopranino ocarina. For a donation of only two dollars more, you’ll receive a pearly, metallic white copper ocarina of the same model instead. Higher donations will earn you larger ocarinas from more precious metals, such as silver – and some Ocarinas are bejeweled with zirconium. Fairy Ocarina and Ocarina of Time replicas are also available, with a zirconia green leaf or Triforce respectively, but the most expensive reward is the $280 USD dragon ocarina with jewel eyes. There are many price levels, ocarina sizes and materials to choose from, and Caro is also charging the same shipping worldwide – so you better act fast to help make this kickstarter a reality!

What do you think of these metallic ocarinas? Do you think you’d want to have a smaller, wearable ocarina or a full-sized replica of an in-game ocarina – or even a dragon ocarina? Do you want to help make this kickstarter successful? Please see Caro’s work in the gallery below (keep in mind, the large white Ocarina is a model, not the finished product)! If you’d like to support Caro or learn more about her latest project, click here and check out the campaign’s official Kickstarter page.

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