Deku_ShieldKickstart your Zelda adventures with a original Deku Shield! Brian Rice recently created a project that includes a wooden Deku shield, leather keychain, and a handcrafted Triforce bracelet made available on the website Kickstarter. This Kickstarter campaign has a modest goal of 300 USD but has now pledged over eight times that amount.

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With all the Zelda merchandise available online, a Deku Shield is hard to come by. Rice decided to handcraft his own version of the Deku Shield straight from his basement, and this replica looks nearly identical to young Link’s shield in Ocarina of Time!




The Deku Shield is handcrafted from wood and is the accurate size. Brian also made a mini leather Deku shield keychain, and an interesting bracelet with a Triforce pattern. For a pledge of 20 USD you receive a bracelet and keychain, and for a mere 65 USD individuals get a wooden Deku shield replica and a bracelet. Rice also includes a handwritten thank-you note for many of the pledges. This creative and original idea can be used for gift ideas, cosplay, or decoration!

You can view Brian’s Kickstarter page here.

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