c8c5123772002f5e90f855681d827d9eYouTuber Tsuko G., known for his KAZOO’d series of game music covers played on kazoo, has once aain return to Zelda music, this time choosing Tal Tal Heights’ theme from Link’s Awakening. The upbeat nature of the original tune gives you the obvious adventurous feeling that the game location was meant to have, but hearing this theme, or any music really, played on kazoo just brings out something really hilarious in this classic background tune.

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I love this series. Kazoos are such fun instruments, and clearly, with enough recording instances, anything can be played on them. Tsuko has a full album of kazoo covers, and perhaps in the future, he’ll have another, with this tune included! Make sure to check out his channel for loads of game music covers, from Zelda and much more.

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Source: YouTube

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