This week, YouTube artist Ioannis Papazis (ArtistArtorias) released a time lapse video for his latest Zelda piece, a digital painting of Kakariko Village in the morning light. The video shows the full painting process and gives some insightful commentary on the inspirations behind the piece. I’m always amazed how an artist begins with a rough outline only to reach a beautiful final work.

Papazis used art software to create the piece, although the exact program is not specified. The most impressive aspects of the painting for me were Papazis’ shading and attention to detail. The time-lapse’s commentary explains that the piece is meant to represent how he saw Kakariko Village as a kid, when his imagination filled in gaps left by the Nintendo 64’s limitations. This creative element makes the village feel more like actual place, with villagers talking among themselves and cows walking through the street.

On Papazis’ channel one can also find time-lapses for a Darknut painting and a stylized Ganon painting. He also states in this video that he intends to improve his style for future paintings, so maybe more Zelda works are on the way. Are you impressed by his depiction of Kakariko? Let us know.

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