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When you truly think about the things you like, you often have to admit that they are far from perfect. This applies to practically everything. Whether it’s your car, your old bicycle, your favorite trinket or your favorite possession, there are often still things you want improved with them. Take your partner or spouse for example. You love them, but that doesn’t make them perfect. Love is accepting and liking them for what they are and accepting their flaws. Bearing that in mind, we can all say that we love the Zelda series.

Take this very principle and apply it to your favorite books or movies. Of course it is going to be subjective to how you want things to turn out. Take for example some classics, and how I’d improve them. There’s The Lord of the Rings. I believe a better ending would have been if Frodo had also died with Gollum and the ring, but that’s just me. I like The Da Vinci Code movie, but I wish Langdon and Neveu hooked up just like in the book. I could go on, but think about it. What I see as flaws others may not. What others may see as weaknesses, may be my favorite points.

Go back to the earlier example of your partner. What we all see as flaws and attractions will differ. When given the chance there are some flaws we may eliminate in a partner, but there are some that we’d keep because it makes them, similarly to with the Zelda series. So, what’s my point in all of this? Well, here at ZeldaInformer we are clearly known for opinionative articles; articles that some agree with passionately; articles that others are infuriated by. Why? Because what we see as flaws others don’t.

All too often I see people making comments on articles like, “What’s with all of this nitpicking?” and, “just play the games and enjoy them”. Consider this my formal response to those comments. We play the games. We don’t just enjoy them, we love them. We are Zelda fans. We all have our opinions of what the flaws are, and that’s what Zelda gives us: the right to our own opinion. Consider this: numerous popular series are finished. There isn’t more to come with The Lord of the Rings, but Zelda, we are in the midst of Zelda. We are living Zelda. There are Zelda titles to come in the future and we want to see them be the best they can be.

When people make comments like above I could go for the blunt response, just telling you that I’m doing my job, helping to keep the site running, boosting site views, getting people commenting passionately, and getting new members across to the forums, which I do well with these articles, but that isn’t why I do it. I write because Zelda is ours to share. There are releases coming in the future to Zelda and we want to see them improve on the flaws Zelda has had in the past. Even though we agree and disagree on what the flaws are, we want to see each release come closer to the perfect Zelda game. That’s why I write.

Let alone the fact that I enjoy writing, and discussing every aspect of Zelda so in depth because I love the series. I love it and want to see it become better. Maybe to you that’s nitpicking, but to me, that’s being a fan. Nodding at every release to the series and saying its perfect just isn’t right. The games are absolutely awesome and enjoyable, but not perfect. We have agreed and disagreed in the past numerous times reader, but let’s agree on this now: The Legend of Zelda is a great series, if not the best video game series ever. It has had us all in awe, but when we look at it closely, it isn’t perfect. If given the chance, there would be something that we would change.

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No, we’re not nitpicking, we’re simply being fans at a Zelda fansite. Yes, I may regularly post articles seen as having somewhat forceful views, but ZeldaInformer is here for everyone to share their views. Anyone can head over to the forums and share what they think are flaws and what is fantastic. Even writing articles isn’t limited to us regulars. If you have something you want to share you can send it to me or Nate on the forums. Why? Because this is our series, and ZeldaInformer is here for all of us. It’s here for the casual and the hardcore. Here, everyone is entitled to their opinion of Zelda.

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