June Artwork Update

Ordon Goat

A new feature has been added this month to North Castle, Zelda Arts and Crafts. We have three great featured pieces of work below. We also have five pieces of artwork from five artists who recently submitted new material. Remember, if you have your own fan artwork or your own arts and crafts that you would like to display, please send it in to our friends at North Castle.

~ Zelda Arts and Crafts ~
Korok Plushies by Atalaia Leafsong
Ordon Goat Sculpture by Shadsie
Link Button by Cross-Stitch Ninja

~ Zelda Fan Artwork ~
Epona by eponagirl
Stranded by Petman1325
Chibi Malon by Rebeca Orantes
Lizalfos by Smitie
Princess Zelda – NES by Viasacra

All are great pieces of work. Our very own forum staffers Petman1325 and Smitie produced their first pieces of work for North Castle. The Ordon Goat Sculpture is my favorite of the arts and crafts as it looks like quite the project. The Korok Plushies look like a lot of fun as well. Of the artwork, my favorite is certainly the ‘Princess Zelda – NES’. I just love the nostalgic look of the her in the artwork.

Which is your favorite of the pieces listed above? Head on over to the Zelda Dungeon Forums to voice your opinions.

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