July Artwork Update

This months artwork update features another five great pieces from our friends at North Castle.

~ Zelda Fan Artwork ~
Sheik by Sarah888
Valoo by Smitie
Lake of Twilight by Tawny
Princess Zelda LoZ by Viasacra
Lady Zelda by Viridian Rain

All five pieces are great and personally, I think the Lake of Twilight one stands out. It seems very dark and gloomy, but I just seem to like it. It really stays true to the feel of Twilight Princess. Valoo, which was made by our very own forum moderator Smitie, is also a great piece of work. It is bright and colorful and just looks pretty cool. Princess Zelda LoZ is similar to artwork we featured in the past, and it is similar to the official artwork of Princess Zelda from the original Legend of Zelda.

Hope you all enjoyed this months artwork. Which is your favorite of the pieces listed above? Head on over to our Zelda Forums to voice your opinion.

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