This Friday we will be hosting LIVE Zelda trivia night over on the Zelda Dungeon Discord Server. Beginning at 9pm Eastern Standard Time, we will go through 25-questions covering topics from the entire Legend of Zelda series. We will have giveaway prizes for the Top 3 scorers, as well as a few additional randomly drawn prizes for any players who participate. So even if you aren’t as well versed in the entire series, come join in on the fun and you can still win some Zelda goodies. Trivia is set to last for roughly around 30-minutes and here is how it will work.

  • Join our Discord Server. The entire event will take place in our Trivia Chat on our server and will be entirely text base.
  • The Trivia chat will initially be set on Read-Only.
  • A question will be posted and chat will remain on Read-Only for 10-seconds so all participants can read the question and think about their answer.
  • Then after 10-seconds, the chat will be open for 20-seconds, and all participants will be able to post their answers.
  • Chat will be on Slow-Mode, so participants can only post one time every 30-seconds.
  • For each question the first TEN participants who post the correct answer will be given a point.
  • After 20-seconds of answering, the chat will be put on Read-Only once again, so we can tally up the points.
  • Then the next question will be posted. The goal is to go through an entire question and answer cycle, roughly once per every minute.
  • There will be 25-questions in total, with each correct answer being worth 1-point. Trivia will last around 30-minutes.
  • The Top 3-scorers will be given prizes, with 2-additional prizes given out randomly to anybody who participates and gets at least 1 point.

To keep things as fair as possible, anybody on the Zelda Dungeon staff is able to participate, but they are not eligible to win any prizes.

Prizes include the following…

  • The Wind Waker Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Ocarina of Time Manga: Legendary Edition
  • Breath of the Wild: Creating a Champion Hardcover
  • Link Plush Doll from Breath of the Wild

Again, trivia begins on Friday, November 22nd at 9pm Eastern Standard Time. Come Join our Discord Server to participate!

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