Jesse’s Monday Music Box #6

The Outset Island Theme was one of the first Zelda songs I heard that actually reused and remixed other songs from the series into it’s own unique new song. Wind Waker was filled with songs like this, but none quit captured the energy from the original like Outset Island. This song is the reason as to why I’m so proud to bring you this week’s Monday Music Box.

Youtube user Heathersocarina has several different Ocarina covers, but none quite as adventurous sounding as her cover of Outset Island. Make the jump inside to check out this awesome cover for yourself.

Outset Island just had an adventurous setting and the music seemed almost perfect for it. From the first note to the last, I get a grand feeling that makes me just wanna pillage small villages, cut down bushes, kill giant spiders with tiny sling shots and so much more. In the words of Axle the Beast “just give me some boots and a map” and I’ll be ready after hearing this song. What about you though? How do you feel about Outset Island? Are you a fan of this cover? If so be sure to check out plenty of her other Ocarina covers on her channel.

Source: YouTube

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