Jesse’s Monday Music Box #11

From the randomness of YouTube, I bring you today a video that can hold its head up high above all the rest that I have came across throughout this week. YouTuber Mart0zz should be proud of his effort that went into not only making a great rendition of Gerudo Valley on Marimbas, but the very original video as well. The video starts as we would all imagine. Link waking up in his tree house and finding his way through Hyrule field to the Castle in order to confront Princess Zelda. Nothing too spectacular going on, but the facial expressions and certain events in the video had me laughing on several occasions.

If you’re a fan of humorous YouTube videos or songs from the Zelda series in the least bit then I promise you will love the simplicity of this video along with the great music that goes along with it. Make the jump to check it out for yourself.

Mart0zz has a many videos on his youtube of several different Zelda songs. Each of which sound just as incredible as this, only without the very well done video to go along with it.

Source: YouTube

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