Jazz music and Zelda games. The combination may seem strange, but they mix surprisingly well, at least in the case of YouTube music group The Consouls (ha, see what you did there). The Consouls decided to do a jazz remix of the Dark World theme from A Link to the Past. In total, the song clocks in at three minutes and 54 seconds.

The group has been around on YouTube for approximately four months, and this isn’t their first video game music arrangement. They’ve also performed music from Pokemon, Super Mario World, Final Fantasy, and more.

The Consouls is a six-piece band consisting of a saxophone player, a pianist, two drummers, a string bass player, and a guitarist. They arrange the music they play into a skeleton, putting basic melody and chords onto sheet music, as seen in the video above. What music isn’t written on paper comes from the members’ improvisational skills during their rehearsals, keeping true to their jazz roots.

While they do record jazz arrangements of game melodies, the group also produces original music and plans to release an album on February 9. A Zelda song will appear on that album. The Consouls are also in the process of recording music for some upcoming independently-developed games.

Based out of Sydney, Australia, The Consouls upload a new video every Monday. If the group’s dedication and love of Nintendo isn’t apparent enough by their selection of music, Kirby, Meta Knight, and Yoshi plushies are hanging out in the video.

What Zelda song would you like to see the band perform next?

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