Saria playing her Fairy OcarinaThe Japanese Ocarina of Time 3D homepage just launched a character profile page showing off some animations, still screens, and descriptions for a selection of cast members from the upcoming 3DS remake. Of course, new screens means we have to update our screenshot gallery page, so you can check out all the Ocarina of Time 3D related imagery we’ve posted thus far there, as well as just the new stuff below.

Mido won't let you pass without a sword and shield Surprised to see me? He's the King of Freaking Evil, baby!

Ganondorf introduces himself Saria says goodbye…

OH MAN HE'S HUGE! Hot, hot, hot! Meeting Malon outside Hyrule Castle

Malon introduces Epona to you as a child She's kinda cute I guess, but man is she slimy! Listen, dude, I'm not supposed to talk to strangers…

LET THE NIGHTMARES COMMENCE He just wants his daughter back The wise owl looks out over the desert

Why does this guy have to hide his face all the time? This lady looks like she could cut you with a glance She'll escort you back out of the castle

Source: Ocarina of Time 3D Characters Homepage

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