Considering this is the first piece of Majora’s Mask news in god knows how long it is a miracle that we haven’t posted about it before it actually came up at GameInformer. However I am going to rectify the situation now by spewing all of my fanboy juices over the posted images, which can be seen here. That we love Majora’s Mask here at Zelda Informer is no big secret, and every attempt to preserve it is a step towards a better world in our eyes. However as most people will agree, the love we have for this classic masterpiece is not groundless. Just recently a peculiar piece of information has been posted in this thread which I am sure many of you will find very interesting, as it illustrates just how much underlying meaning is tucked away beneath the facade of that game.

For those who are still walking blindly in darkness, let me guide you to the light by referring you to the most awesome article ever written in the history of the internet. If you have enough time on your hands, read the article, then replay Majora’s Mask and I assure you the dawn of a new day shall come in your life and you shalt feel enlightened. Take this as a challenge.

Source: GameInformer

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