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Furuta Confectionary, a somewhat well known toy and sweets manufacturer in Japan, is releasing some Spirit Tracks themed Kinder Eggs. A Kinder Egg is a small toy encased in a plastic egg container and then surrounded in chocolate. If that description doesn’t make sense to you, then hop inside to see a picture of one of these eggs cracked open. What is neat about this is that it’s not just limited to the statue you see above, as their is an entire Spirit Tracks collection. There are 12 total statues to collect, and after the jump we have 11 of them pictured so you know what to look for to complete the series if you plan to order these in from over seas. Of course, the fun part is that there is one mystery statue which you’ll have to discover for yourself. Hop inside for more information and images.

These statues will be available on January 17th 2011, but as of right now I cannot seem to find any place to import the sweets. They may be carried, however, at some of the local comic book stores and candy shops in bigger cities. Any place that carries imported Japanese sweets is likely to be carrying these eggs next year, but be sure to stop by and ask your local place if you wish them to get a new shipment next year, in case they are still trying to get rid of their 2010 stock. It’s totally worth it to complete your Zelda collection, no?




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