One of Ocarina of Time‘s revolutionary aspects was its expansive world, going beyond any size we had seen in a game before. Most older Zelda fans will remember the first time they set eyes on the massive Hyrule Field forming the junction between all later areas.

Now, imagine witnessing this massive plain in our current world. This is exactly what Japanese youtube and craftsman Kennosukee has achieved, although in miniature form. The fellow Zelda fanatic recently created a diorama resembling Ocarina of Time‘s map that Hyrule Historia presented us with. It encompasses every area seen on the original map in extroardinary detail, taking into account that it is in miniature form! It’s also nice to see that fans are still able to come with fresh ideas for older Zelda games like Ocarina of Time.

Watch the full video above!

What do you think of this piece? Would you like to see more of these dioramas based on other

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Source: Youtube

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