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Some people can’t take a joke. Not even “comedian” Jamie Kennedy, who still can’t handle criticism from his god awful performance from E3 2007. Kennedy has starred in such forgettable films such as Malibu’s Most Wanted and Son of the Mask. So, what’s gotten Mr. Kennedy’s panties in a twist? A quick exchange on twitter between Michael Pachter and Gary Whitta (two respectable members of the gaming community). Let’s take a look at what they said on twitter.

Patcher: This was my 13th E3. Upon reflection, Mr. Caffeine was the worst presenter I’ve seen at E3, if not the embarrassment of the new millennium.

Whitta: Worse than the Jamie Kennedy/Activision trainwreck?

Jamie Kennedy: wow u dorks can’t let that go, You have no idea what really happened, because ur not in the biz, ur a spectator

Okay, not too bad, right? Not really sure how I feel about how Kennedy decides to send his messages on twitter. I hate it when people are too lazy to write out the word “you”. So as you can see, four years after his E3 blunder, Kennedy can’t just suck it up and move on. When it was suggested by Game Informer’s Andy McNamara that Kennedy, Whitta, and Patcher sit down and discuss their differences, Kennedy responded with:

would love too, I can After this movie wraps, those guys can do I guess after jerkin off to Zelda.

So very mature of you, Jamie. What film are you working on right now? Not that it matters, as you have a great track record of starring in crap cinema. Perhaps majoring in film has made me overly critical when it comes to actors and cinema, but I’ve seen enough films in my life to know what’s good and what’s bad. Kennedy goes on to insult more people. You can see what else has to say by checking his twitter feed.

Now my dear readers, its time for me to ask what you all think about this little tweet war. Do you feel like Jamie Kennedy needs to get over his past blunders? Are you a fan of Mr. Kennedy? Does his tweet mentioning Zelda piss you off? Let me know your thoughts and leave a comment!

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