Season three of Jamie Plays Zelda is underway and this time around Jamie is exploring the world of Koholint Island as he plays through Link’s Awakening. Jamie is a lifelong gamer, growing up with the Atari 2600 and NES, but despite playing games all his life, the Legend of Zelda series had alluded him. While he played the original Legend of Zelda back in the 1980’s, the rest of the games stood dormant. That is until fairly recently. In early last year Jamie continued his adventure in the Legend of Zelda series, playing through Ocarina of Time 3D with his struggles and triumphs documented in season one of Jamie Plays Zelda. After exploring Zelda in 3D, he went back to the classic 2D adventure for season two with A Link to the Past. Jamie’s next adventure takes him to the first portable Zelda title, Link’s Awakening.

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