Being the devoted A Link to the Past fan that I am, it was pretty much a certainty that I was going to pick up A Link Between Worlds upon its release. I thought that it would be a nice little homage to my favorite Zelda installment, but what I got went above and beyond any preconceptions that I had going in. Rather than being a title that rested on the laurels of its predecessor, it rose up and became something else all on its own that just so happened to share the familiar locales of its namesake.

One area that I feel that ALBW truly stood out was in its musical score. While it absolutely revisited some timeless tracks from the beloved SNES title, it also delivered new ones that fit in quite well with the familiar ones we’ve come to know and love. YouTube user Infinity Tone seems to think so as well, as they’ve created an awesome metal cover of the theme for Lorule Castle, the twisted antithesis of  Hyrule Castle. This already ominous theme is given a new, harder edge using a variety of virtual instruments. From searing guitars to frenetic drums, this track has it all and does its inspiration justice in my opinion.

If you like what you’ve heard here, be sure to give their YouTube channel a look here.

So what did you think? How does this stack up to the original composition? Let us know in the comments below!

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