A Link to the Past is without a doubt my favorite installment in the Zelda franchise. It’s a point that I’ve made pretty clear during my time here at Zelda Dungeon, and it’s a point I’ll continue to make. That opinion was formed in no small part because of the incredible soundtrack that features within the game. While I was enthralled with pieces like the 16-bit rendition of the main theme from the original Legend of Zelda, I was just as amazed by its darker counterpart, “The Dark World”. The grandeur of the track can’t be stated enough, and I think it’s still one of the best overworld themes to grace the medium as a whole.

String Player Gamer has taken this theme and presented his take in a wonderful fashion. Using an electric violin, he’s not only captured the spirit of what made the original theme so inspiring but has added gravitas to it that can only be accomplished with proper instrumentation and sheer talent. As his name suggests, he accompanies the violin with guitar and bass to really give the composition the epic vibe it deserves. I’ll always be in awe of individuals like this that are able to share their love of not only Zelda, but of gaming in general in such creative ways.

If you like what you’ve heard here be sure to check out his YouTube channel for other amazing covers.

So what did you think? Did String Player Gamer do one of the most iconic themes in the franchise justice? Let us know in the comments below!

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