According to Lets Talk Nintendo, Jakks Pacific is releasing brand new Nintendo toys in 2015, including an entire The Wind Waker toy set, Ocarina of TimeLink, and Skull Kid (the Majora’s Mask version). They all look pretty fantastic and I will be looking into getting these ordered in myself. We have some image of most of the zekpro fidgeting, along with a few for the other sets they are also going to be releasing. The sets and figures will be released in three separate waves next year, so we’ll try to keep you up to date as those wave dates get closer. Here’s roughly what is included in each wave and when they will be released:

Wave 1 (coming April 2015):

  • 4″ Blue Toad
  • 4″ Luigi
  • 4″ Diddy Kong
  • 4″ Samus (in Metroid Prime style)
  • 6″ Metroid
  • 6″ Toon Ganondorf

Wave 2 (coming July 2015):

  • 4″ Fire Mario (with Fire Flower accessory)
  • 4″ Goomba (with a Coin accessory)
  • 4″ Peach (with a Crown accessory)
  • 4″ Fox McCloud (with an Arwing accessory)
  • 6″ Yoshi
  • 6″ Skull Kid (from Majora’s Mask)

Wave 3 (coming August 2015):

  • 4″ Tanooki Mario (with Tanooki Leaf accessory)
  • 4″Samus in Gravity Suit (with Morph Ball accessory)
  • 4″ Shy Guy (with propeller accessory)
  • 4″ Fire Luigi (with Fire Flower accessort)
  • 4″ Ocarina of Time Link (with Hylian Shield accessory)
  • 6″ Piranha Plant
  • 6″ Metal Bowser OR Dry Bowser
The microland sets pictured below release between May and July.
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