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Several months ago, we decided that Zelda Dungeon needed a makeover. There were many things set in stone that we weren’t very pleased with and wanted a drastic change. Part of what I didn’t like personally about our old setup was that we were rather limited with what we could do with our walkthroughs, in terms of space and coding capabilities.

With the Ocarina of Time walkthrough, I tried out a pop out script that made a box appear with a larger image and comments when you put your mouse over the smaller screenshot tabs. This was great… Except that it didn’t always work and the loading time made me cringe…

With that being said, I’m trying to do away with having massive scripts on individual pages. I have uploaded the next section of the Ocarina of Time walkthrough, and this time it’s spiffier than ever before. It’s much more snug, compact, efficient, and you don’t have to scroll as much. There’s nearly twice as many screenshots as before and all of them come equipped with comments you don’t have to click or hover over to see. Overall it’s quite the improvement.

This section of the walkthrough deals with Zora’s River all the way through Jabu Jabu’s Belly. The Fishing Pond is in this chapter, so I went ahead and started working on the Fishing Pond Guide itself. A great thanks goes out to RyanNope at the Zelda Dungeon forums for helping me write the Fishing Pond guide. Rock on dude! I’ve only done the child half of the guide though, I’ll perfect and finish it off when I get there.

Please feel free to comment on your likes and dislikes about this new walkthrough style and additions to the Fishing Pond guide in this thread on our forums.

~ Ocarina of Time ~
Walkthrough, Chapter 5 – Smells Fishy
Fishing Pond Guide

RyanNope on the Zelda Dungeon Forums

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