As promised yesterday, we have the fully translated report. Instead of using paraphrasing and some wild claims like gamespot has of an October release, we’ll instead let you take a look at the translation in it’s entirety.

Nintendo President on the DS Link Service expansion, “Wii re-acceleration.”

According to Nintendo’s President Satoru Iwata in an Asahi News’ interview, presently, Japanese McDonald’s will utilize, free-of-charge, the Nintendo’s DS net service on the 5th. The company likes the thought of expanding to similar stores. In addition, the American and Japanese end of the year trade war over the Wii was a favorable achievement for last year’s October where it had “stalled” for the ending of the Wii market, and then “re-accelerated.”

President Iwata on the DS’s wireless LAN network connection service: “the best part is that it’s connected to the Internet, where places with wifi connections should be able increase,” he said. On one hand, the Apple iPhone is making use of cell phones’ network, about the way the connections function for playing games being “a monthly fee. As for a future DS, even as a successor, the idea was not introduced.

Within the company, on the advancing development of the DS successor, “Kousei’s detail image indication (sensory of the movement of the body) will become a prerequisite for sensor features as players use the motion sensor as they play the DS,” was expressed but, the sale time “in 2009 for the DS in America was past the highest sales that have been recorded.” he said.

In the first half of 2009, the Wii worldwide sales were restrained, with President Iwata himself, in October of the same year, gave his his interim closing announcement. “The market stalled,” President Iwata pointed out. However, “with the end of the year trade war between Japan and America, ‘Super Mario Brothers’ latest growing investment and so on has been successful over the past three years with the most sales quantity ever recorded.”

“It is important to invest in software, with the future’s growing importance of possible software sales. In July, the new controller that can take readings (Vitality Sensor) should be popular, just like the new addition to Legend of Zelda series’, which is to be released before the end of 2010.”

While nothing translates perfectly to english, I think what is said is pretty clear. In october of last year, Iwata gave a closing announcement about the market, though to whom no one is certain (most likely a staff meeting), and talked about various things including the stalled gaming market and the growth of the Mario Bros. series. He then went on to say that Nintendo feels it is now important to invest in software, versus hardware, and while he feels the Vitality sensor will do well, he also thinks that Zelda Wii will do well too, and claims it is coming out this year.

Before all this, he does talk briefly, as you can see, about the DS successor. Apparently there will be a motion capability that captures your body movement to translate to game controls. This is far from a new concept, since Project Natal does the same thing. In either case, it is indeed interesting. So there you have it, the full translation with no guess work. Thanks has to go out to our local Japanese to English translator, Sara.

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