Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:


This year was one hell of a year, and were celebrating it in the only way ZI can – with tons of great articles related mostly to Zelda. ZI isn’t what it use to be, and most of the big changes happened this past year. However, not everyone necessarily likes what we do all the time.

As an example, if I got paid 5 cents every time someone in the comments said “this is ZELDA informer, so only post Zelda please” I’d be pretty rich. Of course, we make more money posting more than Zelda, but the fact remains that Zelda is a not a 24/7 cycle. It’s true that we are able to find at least one thing a day to post even when no new Zelda games are coming, but that makes this place rather dull in general no? Even I come from home from work and see news on this site I wasn’t aware of and it makes me smile. I am both an owner and a fan.

Zelda Informer has always been a one of a kind site, even if some people prefer to compare us to places like IGN or Kotaku. Unlike mega huge sites such as those, we prefer to stay in constant contact with our fans. Many of you are well aware that our writers, and even myself, are constantly responding to people all the time. We like to keep up to date with the mood of the fans in general.

As an example, I am well aware my “heroes” TV piece really irked a lot of people. I am also aware around a thousand or so people actually enjoyed it. It ‘s funny people complained about us posting non gaming news, since when I talked about Transformers 3 not a single person voiced one complaint. That’s how the world goes though, no? We simply cannot please everyone.

A lot of people still speak highly of the Bombers articles and it pleases me every time I see a remark about that era. In this last year we brought a close to that era, but we try to still give thought provoking pieces time to time. It was a sad end, but it wasn’t something we could maintain.

Going back to the controversy over “more than Zelda at ZELDA informer”, I do think things are overblown. Part of the reason we are as good as we are at Zelda informer in our “award winning” Zelda coverage is because we post more than Zelda. To put it bluntly, posting just Zelda all the time can in fact be boring. So boring that people lose interest in working at the site. So with the additional coverage, the staff stays entertained and thus we provide even better coverage.

That doesn’t mean you have to like us or anything. We’ve had several people leave us for Zelda Dungeon, and the great divide in the Zelda sites has come up many times.

In the end, the last year has been a success. We have grown a lot. ZI is awesome, and I could go on and on about how awesome we are, or go into some sappy love story about how much ZI means to me. Ultimately, we exist for you. Without you we would not be here. So, on the site’s birthday, I’ve got to ask: why do you guys seem to like us so much?

FYI, sorry if this post sucks. I am pretty sure I am still drunk from last night. It was legendary.

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