About a week and a half ago I was able to confirm that I’ll be attending E3 as a representative of Zelda Informer. What I wasn’t able to confirm was whether I could make it to the big Nintendo press conference – you know, the event where Nintendo makes all the big announcements and shows all the flashy trailers. It’s an invite-only affair, and so only the best of the best, the most valued media outlets in the business, get the go-ahead to show.

I’m pleased to announce that this year Zelda Informer was officially invited to sit in on Nintendo’s E3 2011 press conference! This means I’ll be right there when Nintendo shows new trailers for Skyward Sword, Super Mario 3D, and when the Wii successor tentatively known as Project Café finally gets publicly revealed!

Our aim is to have a liveblog of the entire event from start to finish, which effectively means that you’ll be getting the information live as it happens – and sometimes even before the live Internet feed can catch up. Now, I’m aware that all kinds of sites do liveblogs at E3, but since we’re devoted mostly to first-party Nintendo and have a Zelda-oriented focus, you can expect our Zelda, Mario, and Café coverage to offer something that no other media outlet can offer: raw Nintendo passion.

We’ll also have a full staff back at their respective home bases working on providing full news updates with all the latest release dates, trailers, images, and other information revealed at the press conference. Expect trailer breakdowns in the vein of our GDC 2011 Skyward Sword trailer analysis, screenshot overloads after the pattern of our recent Ocarina of Time image blowouts, and all the info summaries you could possibly ask for!

So check in at Zelda Informer at 9am PST on Tuesday, June 7 for what we’re hoping will be the best Nintendo coverage on the ‘net. We hope you enjoy the ride.

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