Happy New YearHappy New Year folks. I somehow survived last night, and I hope all of you are feeling great! Obviously on this day we all make a bunch of resolutions for things we wish to accomplish this year. For some it’s losing weight. For others it’s graduating highschool or college. No matter what your resolution is, it’s time for us as a site to make ours. ZeldaInformer’s resolution for 2010 is simple: Give the fans what they want.

For the past two and half years we feel we have provided a great service. In 2009 we had our most successful year yet, and it showed as our fan base, and support, grew. There were two months last year where the site stayed online solely off the fan bases generous donations, something we wont soon forget. We rewarded our fan base by providing the best news converage around, featuring interviews, Japanese translations, manga postings, exclusive magazine scans, and of course bringing you the worlds first Spirit Tracks Walkthrough as well as boss videos. We churned out article after article, be they casual or bombers, and our fan base responded. Our forums have grown, hitting the 30,000+ post mark this year. To put that in perspective, we hit 10k posts on December 31st, 2008. That means in this year, with two missing months early due to hacking, we pulled off 20,000+ posts. Impressive, to say the least.

As I mentioned earlier, ZI’s resolution this year is to give you all what you want. We have a lot of new and fresh ideas that we are sure you all will love, but sometimes the best method to hit the nail on the head to to simply ask! So, what do you want from us this year? Trust me, nothing is too far fetched! Simply submit a comment with your idea or suggestion and we’ll be sure to give all of you exactly what your looking for. Again, Happy New Year folks.

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