Got a new discussion video for you guys! This time I’m going to talk about the two darkest games in the series, Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess, and explain why I think Twilight Princess is a darker game than Majora’s Mask.

I know a few of you are a little sick of hearing me complain about Twilight Princess. I’m not complaining here. While I do think how dark the game was ended up being one of it’s weaker aspects, that’s not what this video is about. It’s about why I think it’s darker than Majora’s Mask, not whether or not that’s a bad thing.

Video discussions like these should become much more common. Hopefully they’ll be happening weekly, just like the Curiosity Shop videos. We shall see. But you can be sure they won’t all be about Twilight Princess.

But this is a subject where people have a lot of differing opinions, so I want to hear your guys’ thoughts. As I said in the video, this is something that can change from person to person as they feel differently about each game’s unique themes. So which of the two did you think was the darkest? Or did you think another game in the series was darker? And do you think the darkness of either or both of these games was a bad thing, overall hindering it? Tell me in the comments below!

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