Is Majora Male or Female?

Hey guys! So this is another video discussion about Majora himself (or is it herself?) for Majora’s Mask Month. Last video when I talked about why I don’t believe Majora is a child, I constantly referred to him as a “he”. A lot of people in the comments brought this up, some agreeing some disagreeing. I had already considered doing a video about Majora’s gender, so I this was basically the last push I needed to decide on this video.

I personally think Majora is male, so I basically go over a lot of the arguments for him being female and give my thoughts on them. I go into a lot of things, including using standards in modern culture in general as a reference. Enjoy!

So which do you think Majora is? Male or female? Or genderless, even? And why? Tell me in the comments!

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